The World of Kair

Session 5: Necropolis Delving

-Went into the Necropolis, explored most of it.
-Met Carthinix, did a bit of trading for him.
-Met Prince Illuniel Aeralith, he took the ring from the archeologists, using it to extort the group.
-Got 2/3 of the pieces of the royal set.

Session 4: Perdiferous Palace

-Met the Paladins of Whitehold in the Old Capital
-Entered the Palace to do some lootings.
-Met a girl and a ghoul, ghoul and girl died, spent money to resurrect child

Session 3: Heaven's Woes

-Made it to Veltin, reported to General Greenspeaker.
-Acquired a permit to go.
-Ambushed by Whiteleaf, and then a halfling who spilled potential secrets of the realm!
-Arrived at the Old Capital.

Session 2: Whiteleaf in Blacktooth

-Party entered secret door.
-Cleared out barracks of enemies, and an ooze, then slept in the barracks. (?!)
-Was attacked by Kieri Feloin, and taken prisoner.
-Escaped from the cell, escaped back to Clarene.

Session 1: Invasion of Blacktooth Cave

-Party ambushed by the Whiteleaf Brigade on the road to Clarene. Burned up and stabbed.
-Spoke to the Innkeep in Clarene, given a job to investigate Blacktooth Cave and clear it of bandits.
-Cleared out some centipedes, a sergeant, centipedes, and five warriors of Whiteleaf.
-Saw a half-elf in full-plate with a greatsword enter a secret door in the cave.


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