Strong, beefy tank style Nord


Str – 18, Dex – 12, Con – 19, Int – 9, Wis – 14, Cha – 15
HP – 38, AC – 21
Axe +6 1d8
Javelin +5 1d8
Initiative +5
Hit Dice d10


Part of nord like group, large communities in the north
few villages spread around
often band together for great battles
one leader for each settlement who make the decisions for the whole people
meet up one a month for discussions and a great feast
trained to hone abilities of animals – cunning, strength, wisdom
fighters are highly revered and follow the way of the bear god
shamans and craftsmen folk follow wisdom of the owl
talkers and traders follow the fox
considered high honour to best a bear
Two of the leaders have recently become very interested in the new rule over the land
Leaders are made from the best of each folk and there must always be at least one follower of each animal in the leader positions.
at the moment there are five big settlements 2 are bear, 2 are owl and one fox.
another fox settlement is starting up, new leader has been selected and people are beginning to set up new homes in a new area


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